Feeling like setting up your own business but still not sure how to start? No problem! We will help you step by step. Check out some tips on where to begin. If you decide to cooperate, please call and see how much more we have to offer.

A key advantage of fitting your studio or biological regeneration parlour with Fitroll devices is the fact that they can be placed practically everywhere. So much so that you do not have to comply with a number of rules and regulations concerning beauty parlours, hairstyling salons, etc. Everything depends on the target group of customers you wish to reach, the money you wish to invest, and the location of your business. Fitroll Massage devices that help shape the figure very effectively broaden the range of services of existing beauty parlours and hairstyling salons, which decidedly increases their income. All you need to create comfortable conditions for your customers to enjoy benefits of lymphatic massage is the 1.5mx1.5m space and a socket. Roll Massage devices may be mounted in shopping centres, community centres, high street cafés and in privet houses, i.e. everywhere you wish to run your own business.

If you live in a house and wish to save on renting space for your business, you can simply detach your first floor or basement to create a club of sorts and mount your Fitroll devices there. You will be able to enjoy benefits of lymphatic massage in the privacy of your home and supplement your income.

On the other hand, if you cannot run your business from your own premises, it is worth considering some of the issues mentioned below while choosing the location for your business.

A factor that we find crucial is ample parking space. If your target group includes customers from further afield rather than those from your neighbourhood, sufficient parking space must never be ignored. These days virtually all households have cars and customers find it convenient to drive. There is nothing worse than a lack of parking space after you have only just managed to squeeze your massage into your busy schedule. Hence, a housing estate with a spacious car park or a shopping centre might make a good neighbourhood for your studio.

Competition is another issue never to be overlooked. Naturally, in an ideal world there would be minimum or no competition. Your turnover would be high, you would need hardly any promotion to win new customers and you would not have to reduce your prices. However, it is more likely that there is lively competition in your neighbourhood, so it might be a good idea to introduce services that nobody offers just yet. It is always advisable to observe the market and dominant trends. Generally speaking customers tend to be fastidious, they love luxury and everything that is connected with it. There are those who a ready to pay any price for the high quality of services and those who are careful with every penny they are about to spend. Nevertheless, we must remember every customer deserves respect, and we should not judge a book by its cover.

If there is ample parking space and hardly any competition nearby, it seems a good idea to make sure the prospective business is located in a safe neighbourhood. Is there sufficient lighting? Is it safe? Is it respectable? What is the local crime rate? All these questions merit detailed answers, thus it might be a good idea to have a chat with local people and find your information at grass root level.

So you have suitable premises with ample parking space in a good neighbourhood, what next? Let us take a look at your premises. If you are renting your premises, you have to account for the rent and running costs. It seems only logical to choose premises that do need require modifying. Why take the burden for laying tiles or insert extra walls? So much so that it may turn out we hardly get on with the landlord and will have to terminate the contract and hence incur unnecessary overheads. You can always have sheet flooring fitted instead of laying tiles and a tasteful screen might do instead of an expensive wall. Actually, everything really depends on your imagination and financial resources. You just have remember that everything must look neat, stylish and modern. Watching our competition we should not only emulate their success, but also spot their mistakes to try and avoid repeating them. If you have decided to run your massage parlour, you must be creative and imaginative. Use your talents to create special ambience that would make yourself feel good. Make sure that your premises are clearly visible in the surroundings and if you will be able to put up banners or posters.

The last step is the contract. All terms and conditions must be in writing as it may turn out that everything only seemed clear at the beginning but later misunderstandings may arise. Drawing up a proper contract is well worth your time as it may save plenty of money and prevent lots of stress.

So you have your own studio and need to create conditions for customers to relax?

The choice of massaging techniques often depends on the environment in which you perform your massage. Although your massage may be given in various surroundings and circumstances, every of the technique you select demands creating special atmosphere that guarantees comfort and relaxation. Here are some of the factors that influence the quality of your massage:

Temperature must be just right for any human being to unwind properly. A cool place prevents muscles from relaxing fully. Furthermore, a massage decreases body temperature so the room where it is given ought to be warm. Moreover, the room should be properly ventilated without creating a draught. Those being given your massage will surely appreciate your attempts at providing proper ventilation.

Peace and quiet
It should be quiet while your massage is being given for it is hardly possible to relax against a backdrop of radio advertisements or a glaring TV or among shouting children. Firstly, it is necessary to choose the time of a day when you can switch off your phone and pamper yourself. It is hardly possible to cut off from your surroundings but you can minimise any interference, anyway the massage ought to relax and unwind. If the music is relaxing it might be advisable to buy CDs with specially selected music. Music might be so useful as it helps keep the right rhythm.


Bright, direct lighting can be both annoying and tiring. Naturally, proper lighting of your room should be adapted to the time of day and conditions. Daylight is excellent while you give your massage during the day, especially in the morning, however, in the evening you can be more advantageous and light candles or simple bottle warmers.

Make sure that the room where you give your massage is pleasingly fragrant. You can burn joss sticks and air fresheners, however, you must always make sure that the scent does not bother the person being given the massage. Some people have a very sensitive sense of smell and cannot tolerate intensive scents. One must try and strike the right balance to put people given the right mood.


All you need to perform your massage should be at the tip of your fingers.

Before you give your massage, it might be a good idea to thing about:

  • rubbing in slimming balm about 30 minutes before the massage so that it is properly absorbed and does not stain the clothes
  • putting on comfortable clothing, Fitroll Massag is taken in comfortable sports clothes and socks
  • drinking water, ideally in a handy bottle