Specially designed to give hourly workout benefits in 6 minutes - without any heavy weights!rmenų!

  • Vibration frequency is set in steps of 5 Hz, from 20 to 50 Hz - it is optimal for most people.
  • The ability to choose a workout time from 10 minutes to the maximum.
  • 5 different programs:
    • Upper body,
    • Lower body part,
    • Abdominal,
    • Whole body,
    • Stretching.

From experience we know that pre-programmed exercise modules are very useful for those who want to exercise independently, because they have many different exercises with appropriate rest periods. But even better is the fact that all the erratic exercises are graphically depicted on a color screen.


  • even vibration
  • touch screen
  • 5 exercises with graphic display are prepared
  • the vibration intensity is set to 5 Hz
  • due to its low weight, it is easy to move it from one place to another
  • comfortable, versatile height
  • a comfortable timer setting allows you to perform the exercise sequences without interruption
  • free Multi Media Exercise Kit (Exercise Poster, Training Guide, Interactive DVD)
  • the kit includes two detachable belts for the upper body training
  • 2 AC motors pivot the convert vibration plate into professional use equipment
  • works quietly - a great feature if you're not on the lower floor
  • sleek design
  • 2 year warranty

Technical parameters

  • model name: DKN XG 10 Vibration platform
  • dimensions: width - 85cm, depth - 42cm, height - 140cm
  • maximum user weight: 150 kg
  • programs: 5
  • weight: 72 kg / 160 lbs
  • touchscreen
  • 2 AC motors
  • vibration frequency: 20 Hz to 50 Hz (Set in 5 Hz intervals)
  • timer: up to 10 min with 30 second rest periods
  • warranty: 2 years