Business idea

Permanent CUSTOMER FLOW thanks to the effect and low cost of the service.

Low personnel cost: 1 employee can work with 15 new clients at the same time.


Unique "KNOW-HOW"

Body Slimming and Firming System

Customer flow generation system

Body Slimming and Firming System

  • There are simple but smart exercises performed and at the same time body is massaged from the foot to the shoulders.
  • Even smarter exercises on a vibrating panel
  • Compression therapy (lymphatic drainage)
  • For a better result, or in order to enhance the impact, it can be combined with the pleasures of SPA.

No diet or exercise! The point is: restoring of metabolism.

Effect documentation

The effect is documented by body mass and weight measurements, changes in body firmness.


Depending on the type of figure, after the first procedure the client notices the result.

You just need to have a will for your RollSPA business. We will help you make it real!



We are body beauty experts!

Roll SPA impact on the body:


Fluid distribution

Lymphatic Activation

Muscle tone increase



  Toxins removal

  Recovery of energy, work ability, calm sleep

  Emotional balance

  Libido excitation

  Slender and firmer body

  Correction of problem zones according to the type of figure

  Swelling reduction

  Strijų lyginimas

  Stretch marks correction

  Intestinal work stabilization

  Improvement of skin condition, blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, muscle tone

  Wide range of disease prevention, immunity enhancement

  Recovery of energy, work ability, calm sleep

  Emotional balance

  Libido excitation